Achal A


We would love for you to meet our sweet Achal A.  This precious 11-year-old is currently in the 5th grade, is very shy but man, does she love to dance!

Achal A and her sister, Tanvi come from a very poor community where farmers struggle to make a living.  Their mother, widowed by suicide when her girls were only toddlers, was left to care for them alone - her only source of income as a laborer in the field. 

Unable to feed and educate her precious daughters, she was forced to send Achal to her mother's house in the hope of gaining an education for her.  Tanvi, being the younger of the two, was left behind in the farming community while her sister went off to try and make a life at her grandmother's home.

After learning that that another girl who lived in their village, Priyanka, was coming to Grace House India, Achal's mother came with both girls hoping that Achal and Tanvi could be afforded opportunities she was unable to provide.

What a blessing that God moved in such a way that these sisters and their friend from their village will get to grow up together and love and encourage one another as Sisters in Christ.