Shilpa's path to Grace House India comes with some heartbreaking twists and turns.  When she and her sister Anjali were very young, their parents abandoned them, leaving them with their grandmother who is elderly and in kidney failure, while they moved away to a major city.

Unable to provide even basic necessities, their grandmother sent the girls into the streets and temples to beg.  A kind man in their village took notice and took the girls to a local orphanage believing they would receive better care.  When he found out, instead, they had been neglected and beaten he returned them to the village - where they resumed their daily routine of begging in the streets and temples for their grandmother.

Still concerned with their welfare, this kind man, upon hearing about Grace House, told the sisters he had found them a new home.  Fearing the worst, the girls begged this kind man "Please, Uncle, don't sell us!"

With nothing but the clothes on their backs, no bag, not even shoes on their dirty little feet, these girls entered our gates fearing a repeat of the abuse experienced at their prior home.

Their fear turned to absolute joy once they realized they were in a home where they would be loved and protected.  It has been a joy to watch them blossom and become confident both in themselves and their surroundings.  Knowing they are home, there will be no more abandonment or abuse....... ever.