How will we accomplish this task?

One of Craig's favorite phrases is "you have to eat an elephant one bite at a time."  That is exactly how we plan to tackle the renovation and restoration of the Grace House, India facilities.

We are fortunate enough to have been blessed with a campus with existing structures that will meet all of our needs.  And best of all, this campus is owned outright by our ministry partner.  So we begin debt free and it is our goal to remain debt free.

Through the strategic planning of three distinct phases, Grace House will slowly and surely become the home God intends it to be.  Full of laughter and hope, dreams and accomplishments.  We look forward to all God has in store for these beautiful girls.

On March 11, 2017 a team of hairdressers will be departing for India to hold haircutting clinics in three villages.  This will be a life-changing event for 60 women and their families.  We will teach each woman basic haircutting skills and, as a part of the training, will provide free haircuts and lice treatments to the men, women and children of these villages.  In addition to training, our goal isto provide each woman the necessary tools needed for haircutting so she can embrace this new trade.  Training these women will allow them to work and provide for their families.

Please donate what you can to help us provide the following items to these women:

60 each Straight Shears, Cutting Capes, Water Bottles, 4 Pack of Hair Clips, Large Cutting Combs, Metal Lice Combs and 100 Lice Treatments. 


100% Funded
$3,700 Raised

School Bus

Having just returned from Grace House we can say, without hesitation, that our most pressing need is transportation.  Currently, all the girls are being transported in a vehicle similar in size to a Toyota 4-Runner.  The vehicle is old and unreliable.  We have found a brand-new bus that can accommodate all our children with room for growth that will cost us just under $17,000.   Both our Project Manager and Security Guard are qualified to drive the bus.  In addition to transporting the girls to and from school, we will use it on Sundays to get the girls to church as well as getting girls back and forth from doctors appointments and other daily needs. 

Grace House India Bus - DSC00650.jpg
101% Funded
$5,225 Raised


The dormitory originally consisted of 12 bedrooms and two small bathrooms.  We took two of the bedrooms and combined them with the existing bathrooms to make a much larger space.  We replaced all doors and windows, plastered and painted the building.  A security fence was installed along the front of the building.  Finally, solar water heaters have been added to the existing water tanks.

85% Funded
$15,800 Raised


Each of the ten rooms will house 4 girls.  We have painted, installed cabinetry and desk and a ceiling fan.  They all have two sets of bunkbeds and one electrical outlet at the desktop. Our goal was to create a cheerful, happy space that the girls would be happy to call home.  The looks on their faces at the ribbon cutting were absolutely priceless.  Total needed for completion is $16,950

84% Funded
$14,300 Raised


Because the facility was originally built for young men, it took quite a bit of re-configuring to make it suitable for 40 girls.  The existing bathrooms which are located in either corner of the dormitory were combined with the adjacent dorm room.  Each is now be equipped with 5 showers, 4 sinks and 5 commodes.  This is well above the state's requirement for the number of girls we plan to house.

82% Funded
$21,608 Raised

Dining Hall

Our plan with the dining hall is to repair plaster and whitewash the exterior.  We will paint the interior and clean up the beautiful soapstone countertops already in place.  We will need to install refrigeration and a cook-top, the building is plumbed but we need to install two commercial sinks.  And then outfit the kitchen with pots and pans, cooking utensils and serving pieces.  We will also need dishes, cups and flatware.  Finally, we will procure 10 round tables with 8 chairs per table.

79% Funded
$3,943 Raised

Room Mother's House

The existing building was originally used as a guest house.  It is set up as a duplex with mirror image apartments on either side.  Each has a small living area and kitchen, three bedrooms and two full baths.  One side of this house will be used to house three room mother's.  The opposite side of will be used as office space for the staff.  It needs fresh paint, new doors and windows.  The bathrooms will need to be revamped a bit and the bedrooms cleaned up.  We will provide living room furniture and a small cooktop as well as the bedroom furniture needed by each room mother.  We will put desks and chairs in the office space as well a computers and printers.  Security cameras will be strategically placed around the campus and can be monitored from both the room mothers apartment as well as the office.

54% Funded
$4,550 Raised


Each morning the girls will start their day in this room.  Studying God's word and praising together.  Our dream for this room is to give the girls a place to sit together and chat.  To bond as sisters and create a family all their own.  To do homework.  To work with tutors to exceed the expectations of the local school.  We would love to see these walls lined with shelves full of books.  Computers full of learning software.  Headphones and iPads to allow the girls to gain fluency in English.  This is the room where many dreams will be realized and bonds formed.  Because it is currently being used for storage, we will begin by cleaning it out.  There are some chipped tiles and windows to replace.  The plaster repaired and whitewashed.  After a good cleaning and fresh paint, we will put in comfy furniture and desks through out the room.

0% Funded
$0 Raised

Laundry Facility

Currently, there is no designated space for a laundry facility.  Our plan is to use two existing structures - the Mother's House and future Clinic - and build a laundry room between the two.  It will be large enough to house two commercial washers and dryers as well as hanging space for wet garments and plenty of room for folding and ironing.  Amount needed for completion $3,000.00

20% Funded
$585 Raised