Grace House, India

A home for girls that are orphaned.  A home for girls that are at risk.  A home for girls that simply need a home.

Photography by Julia Robbs



Sharon, Atchal, Sachse, Padma, Laxmi - these are some of their names but they are so much more than this and it is only by the grace of God that one day these girls will step into all they can become.


In Central India we found ourselves challenged with questions.  In a never-ending sea of girls in need how would we find the ones to help?  Where would they call home?  Where would they find care?  How would our finding them change anything about their current circumstances?  And in the midst of these questions our calling found root.  God's calling could not be denied.  Our hearts were completely resolute..... Grace House, India



In the first phase, Grace House, India will provide the foundation for 40 girls - girls that will not be known by a label they can never outlive.  Grace House, India will be home to girls that will be known for the grace that covers us all.