Argyle Class of 2018 - Welcome to Grace House India!!

Grace House India is a girls' home in Central India founded by the family of Tucker Smith, Argyle Class of 2018 and we have been selected as the recipient of February's Project Graduation Giving Project.

We opened Grace House in August, 2017 and started with 19 girls.  Now, a little over a year later we are home to 34 girls ages 5-14 and will be bringing another 3 home to us in April.  The girls in our care are with us for a variety of reasons - abuse, abandonment, poverty - it doesn't matter to us why they have come only that they are here. 

Each girl attends a private Christian school located in a small town and are learning to read and write in Hindi, Marathi and English simultaneously.  This is especially difficult because many of our girls came to us at the age of 7 or 8 with no educational background.  But they realize the importance of an education and how far being able to read and write in English will take them so they work incredibly hard.  They are at school each day from 7 am until 1 pm then stay for tutoring until 4:00 and come home and study some more.  For students in India, school is in session even on Saturday from 7 am until noon.

These girls have progressed by leaps and bounds and in an effort to help them to continue to grow we have just broken ground on a Library for them on our campus.  There are no books in their classrooms and the majority of their families are illiterate so these