We would like to introduce you to our lovely Priyanka. This sweet 12-year-old is currently in the 6th grade and came to us in August, 2016.

Priyanka comes from a very poor community where farmers struggle to make a living. There is a very high suicide rate among these farmers and, in desperation after a poor harvest, Priyanka’s father took his own life when she was very young.

Priyanka’s uneducated mother was left to care for Priyanka, her older brother and grandmother - her only source of income was working as a laborer in the fields. Unable to feed and educate Priyanka, her mother made an incredible sacrifice, begging her local pastor to take Priyanka to a home where she would be properly cared for and educated.  Through her mother's persistence, our eyes were opened to God's calling, to serve girls who may not be true orphans but who simply need a home. 

Because of a mother’s love and a local pastor’s heart toward his community, Priyanka has come to Grace House India where she has a loving home, three meals a day and is being educated so she can become all God has designed her to be. Priyanka loves school and loves to practice her English alphabet, numbers and colors and hopes someday to become a Police Officer.

This precious girl is a blessing to both the staff and other girls at Grace House and we know God will bless her with a sponsor who is willing to make her a part of their family