Welcome Home Kit

As each girl arrives, we would love to present her with a welcome home kit.  Each kit costs $75 and will include the following:

  • two new dresses
  • two school uniforms
  • a pair of shoes for play and a pair of shoes for school
  • undergarments
  • pajamas
  • sheets and towels
  • toiletries
  • backpack
  • school supplies
  • her very own Bible

Individual Dorm Rooms

We have budgeted $1,500 for each dorm room.  This amount will include electrical work, including installing fixtures and outlets.  Furniture to include built-ins, a desk, chair, beds and mattresses.  All paint and clean-up as well as new windows and doors.  Total needed for completion is $14,767.33

Bathroom Renovation

Each bathroom will contain 5 sinks, toilets and showers.  There will be a bathroom in each corner of the facility so two in total.  We will install a hot water heater for each and will hang mirrors above each sink.   Amount needed for completion is $15,215.00

Dormitory Building

This building is in pretty good shape but does need some repair.  We need to build a roof over the open staircase leading to the rooftop terrace as well as a security fence around the terrace itself.  We will plaster and whitewash the entire building.  We will add a security fence across the front of the building and will incorporate steps from the building and a sidewalk, particularly for the rainy season.  Amount needed for completion $16,050.00

Dining Hall

I have a friend, who was once housed in one of the more notorious government houses in Mumbai.  She shared with me that they got only one egg per week.  Other than that it was dal - a lentil soup - rice and chapati - a flat bread.  I will never forget her telling me that they waited for Christmas because they knew the Christians would come and bring them Chicken Biryani, a fabulous rice dish.  She told me that none of the children would eat their entire portion but would save it, under their pillow, to make their annual serving of chicken last beyond that one day.  We have room for chickens and goats and a barn to house them in.  We will serve meat and eggs regularly - hopefully daily - that is a big priority for us.  One of the great things about this property is its agricultural capacity, in it's prior life it not only provided enough vegetables and fruit for the boys living here but there was such an abundance that the extra produce was sold in the local market.  We will be able to grow tomatoes, peppers, onions and cilantro - staples in the Indian diet.  When we were there last fall wheat and lentils were being harvested.  One thing we will be purchasing for the Dining Hall is a flour mill to take advantage of the abundant harvest.   The Dining Hall is now a blank canvas and we will need to completely equip it but once complete, we will provide healthy, well-balanced meals.  Meals much more nutritious and satisfying than those being served in the government housing many of these girls will come from.  Amount needed for completion is $10,147.00

Mother's House

This multi-purpose building will not only server as housing for our House Mothers but as office space as well.  To us the most important part of this building is the Mother's housing.  We want this to be a home for them, we want them to want to be there.  Many of these women will have been widowed, farmer suicide is a huge problem in this region and the widows left behind have very little opportunity to support themselves.  We want to help them while they mother our girls.  We want their housing to be warm and inviting, comfortable and comforting.  Each woman will have her own bedroom and two bathrooms will be shared between the three women.  They will have a Living Room and small kitchen so this will be a private, quiet space for them.  We will have both a full-time nurse and full-time counselor on staff as well as two security guards, a cook and a visiting physician who will put us on his rotation.  They will share the office space on the other side of the building.  In Phase II we are putting together plans for a clinic which will help ease the demands on this shared space.  Amount needed for completion $9,243.30

Laundry Facility

Currently, there is no designated space for a laundry facility.  Our plan is to use two existing structures - the Mother's House and future Clinic - and build a laundry room between the two.  It will be large enough to house two commercial washers and dryers as well as hanging space for wet garments and plenty of room for folding and ironing.  Amount needed for completion $3,000.00

Library and Computer Lab

We want to use this common building as both a gathering space for fun and fellowship at times and a quiet place to read, study and grow at others.  Our plan is to furnish this large room with comfy sofas and chairs set up to encourage conversation and community.  We hope to line the walls with books and learning materials that each girl can use to her advantage.  The current plan is for a set-up of 10 computer workstations, three printers, scanners, headphones and a variety of learning software.  We want the girls to be able to advance their studies as well as express themselves creatively.   $12,675.00 needed for completion

School Bus

With 40 school aged girls on campus, getting them to and from school daily is going to be an immediate need.  We do have the option to rent a bus for a daily rate but it is a very costly way to transport these girls.  A nice, but used, school bus will cost us $30,000.  We will have two security guards on staff, either of which will be qualified to drive the bus for us.  In addition to transporting the girls to and from school, we will use it on Sundays to get the girls to church as well as getting girls back and forth from doctors appointments and other daily needs.